Saturday, August 30, 2014



Hey stupid!

Yeah, you, you fuckin idiot, is there anyone else there?

Course not, yer all by yer lonesome, wallowing in yer own filth, drinking last night’s dinner, eyeballing days-old pizza perched precariously above the trash (aka the floor). Luckily for you there is LiveFastDie to keep you company. Get on yer knees and pray to the almighty Lord GG, cuz LFD wrote a song for each of your life’s concerns. For instance, there’s the uplifting message contained in the dirt-boogie grooves of “Not A Dog” (“you’re not a dog/you’re a man”), and even a piece of free advice: “Don’t shit where you eat.” Kim Fowley would be proud (maybe? who cares). For dirtbag New Yorkers in the latter part of the first decade of this century, LFD was the closest we were gonna get to a “new Ramones.” If you think that’s hyperbolic, my guess is that you haven’t heard “Pissing on the Mainframe.” You wouldn’t think a message board could spawn such an infectious international hit, but therein lies the cunning of Camero Werewolf. “Webshits and BlahBlahBlahs” was made solely as an internet-only piss-take/kiss-off based on some Goner Board shenanigans that most people have probably forgotten (not I, said the fly), and it sounds better than ever – proof of the idea of spontaneous inspiration from unlikely sources. “Dawn of the VHS” celebrates those sources with one of LFD’s finest songs, and typically blazing axe-action by the Wolfman. He protests that he ain’t no “Guitar Star,” but the way he tosses off molten leads left n’ right proves otherwise. Camero’s got you nailed – who hasn’t woken up from a night of “fun” feeling like you had “Alcoholic AIDS?” Tough titty, they still haven't found a cure, but I hear you can lead a "normal" life these days. Is there a more punk song title than “Pizza and Vomit?” It’s like Camero Werewolf is looking directly into the abyss of your soul. And he approves. I never really gave a fuck about video games, but I bet you do, or at least did, nerd, and the sick swivel-shake of “Got Nitedo” will make y’all nostalgic and want to smash your dumb face into the screen. “Do I Look Like a Bank to You” is a totally legit question, and I’ve been on both sides of that one. Um, I’m going with “sometimes.” One time I witnessed a tense table session regarding the authorship of “Thought You Could Steal My Beer." It took a few massive bong hits to sort that one out. Phew. Another time, I tagged along on a 3 day tour of the Midwest. We spent 24 out of 72 hours in the car. An El Camino. We got ripped off for a bag in Clevo. There was a lot of farting and snoring. 

After listening to these ear-peeling shit-fi anthems of yesterday, you may be wondering: Camero Werewolf – genius or con artist? As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle -- the middle of your fat fuckin’ ass.

- Doc Toxic