Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GOLDEN ERROR - "Game Theory"

Download it:

While this may be remastered in the future, here's a bass-heavy take on one of the last songs Golden Error wrote. This version appeared on the (unfortunately) final volume of Songs of Negativity, a series of CDR compilations that came with (Australia-only) copies of Negative Guest List magazine. My all-too-few contributions to one of the finer, if not finest, rock mags of the last decade can be found littered around this site. Here's the audio one. Recorded by Ben Greenberg @ Python Patrol.
Dedicated to Brendon Annesley.


From our last show; w/ A Frames @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY [filmed by A Frames drummer Thommy]:

Erck - sing
Jeff O - drum
Keith B. Well - 6-string
Jordan Error - 4-string

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