Sunday, September 8, 2013


Lou Reed's singing in your coffee cup
"Here comes the snow"
Swallow that disappointment, child
There's more on the way
                             Letters from nowhere
   it's OK to feel lost
We can always abandon this building

Squat in summer century row
Flame out far above this planet
gleaming   fleeting   expired
This is how you see yourself:

Surrounded by rusted carcasses
Suffocated by asbestos desires

Crawling though our mother's ribcage --
What happened to all the blood?
How far is the trauma center?
Why does it take so long to become?

There are more years ahead
Even more than lay behind

Who can truly die
when our images
      are trapped so completely
so   clinically        so           exquisitely?

Empty suits hanging so sad in your closet
"It's like a meat locker in there"
A reason to rise
Ashamed of your own energy

Here is proof
Here is your talisman
Here lies your ancestors
Here comes the snow

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